Horizons Autumn 2023

# Title Writer Country
1 Assembly Work in Romania Paul and Sue Williams Romania
2 Talca, Chile Ann Reid Chile
3 Tucupita, Venezuela William Turkington Venezuela
4 Zambia Gordon & Ruth Hanna Zambia
5 Hermosillo, Mexico Timothy & Stephanie Woodford Mexico
6 60 - year mission to China now back to Adelaide, South Australia John & Karen Short Australia
7 Loloma mission, Visit to Namibia Steven & Stephannie Anderson Nambia
8 Palo Negro, Venezuela Samuel & Sharon Ussher Venezuela
9 Visit to South Africa David & Helen McKillen South Africa
10 Gospel tent at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC Phil Broadhead Canada
11 Latest NEWS from Nazareth George & Rosamond Khalil Isreal