The Work of the Lord Nicaragua Today

Writen by Mark and Brenda Bachert


Springdale, AR Spanish Assembly

We were encouraged by a series of VBS (vacation bible school) meetings in July at the Springdale's hall which was very well attended, and it was nice to see some new kids coming. The conference at the end of May was an encouragement to the believers here, it was good to see more than a hundred people in the hall.

Writen by Harry and Rebekah Rodriguez


Acajutla, El SALVADOR

Our work for the Lord continues in the area of three different assemblies in the west end of the country. Acajutla, Amatal and El Carmen. We are thankful to the Lord for a good number of young adults in the El Carmen area that have professed to be saved, and we would appreciate your prayers for these individuals as conditions of life in this country are demanding.

Writen by Alan and Diana Clark


Dolega, Chiriqui, PANAMA

In recent months we have had Gospel meetings in different houses of believers; the attendance of family and neighbours was very encouraging. Not too long ago the eldest son of a believer in the assembly in Dolega died. He was 30-years old, and his name was Giovany. His kidney failure beat his strong body. He professed faith in 2010 and was baptized a few months later.

Writen by Marcos & Sara Sequera



Doris and I are recently returning from a two week trip to Dominica, West Indies. We had been exercised about visiting the saints there ever since hurricane Maria devastated their island last September.The visit has only become possible recently as both my health condition and the lack of accommodations hindered us from going until the present time. In the interval, we have been working with four of the assembly elders who had formed a relief and rebuilding committee to oversee the needs of the saints and coordinate the rebuilding process.

Writen by Ken and Doris Taylor



Writen by Billy and Elen Watterson


Oregon, MEXICO

Earlier in August, I was with Leonel Chavez (Guasave, Sinaloa; commended from W. Phoenix in 2014) in meetings in the town of Parral, Chihuahua. The closest assembly is 2 1/2 hours away in the capital. There are a few who profess. I counted some 30 unsaved relatives and contacts of Leonel. We saw more happen at the children's level, although some unsaved adults came, including one 64 yr old man each night. A 12-year-old Catholic girl said she got saved while Leonel was speaking on John 3:14

Writen by Shad and Debbie Kember


Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEXICO

Barbara continues to write a tract each month that deals with a subject relative to a present event or historical importance. Recently the tract was about the 49th anniversary of man landing on the moon. It gave itself easily to speak of the One who made the moon and visited man on earth. We print and distribute 2000 around the hall monthly. We do see the occasional visitor who came having learned of us by the tract.

Writen by Paul & Barbara Thiessen


Norco, Los Angeles, CA

Writen by Tom and Nelly Baker


Spanish-speaking Outreach, Fresno, & VBS in East L A

We have a work here among Mexican children/ youth in Fresno that has been going on for about eight years. About 30 kids from about 12 different homes attend. The children speak English and Spanish and- Mixtec a dialect spoken in Guerrero, Mexico where their families came from. We are very blessed to work with such a wonderful group of young people. They come from very good, hard-working families

Writen by Brianna Steele


Tirana, Albania

Tirana is a city of over one million people which affects daily commuting and in general results in a busy pace of life. This is one of the many challenges to the fellowship here, but despite it, there is a strong sense of belonging among the believers.

Writen by Enri & Sylvia Nase



Life has been busy since coming back from Winnipeg in mid-June. I spent the first weekend of July at a women's camp at Chitokoloki. Some of our dear sisters have problems that are unimaginable to us. Some men still take a second wife, and this is such a cause of grief. Some are men who in the past professed to be saved. Very sad indeed. Women suffer terribly.

Writen by Margaret Gould