PanamaValle Hermoso Today

Writen by Byrnell and Lois Foreshew


Venezuela Relief via Panama

At the commencement of last December I was able to complete an outstanding trip to Panama which was of great benefit to the saints in Venezuela as well as Panama. The Lord was with me all the way. There were some very specific objectives of the trip - to facilitate the transportation of much needed medicines and supplies to Venezuelan Christians; to provide Scripture texts to the saints in Panama and to encourage the saints in both countries. Many of the purchases of relief supplies, food and medicines were due to the kindness and generosity of some individuals and assemblies in the US and Canada.

Writen by Ashley Milne


Ministry & Outreachin Out-of-the-way Places

Writen by David & Helen McKillen


Tirana, Albania

In September we had our yearly weekend retreat with the assembly and this time we were in Vlore. As a change for the believers and ourselves, we invited brother Pasquale, an esteemed Italian brother among the assemblies in Italy, who has been involved in the work here in Albania since 1993. The subject he dealt with was "God's purpose for the local Church". He discussed relevant topics such as "Fellowship," "Service," "Mission," "Prayer" and "Worship".

Writen by Enri & Sylvia Nase


Hela Province,Papua NEW GUINEA

<p>The Lord has given us the privilege of visiting the Hela province twice this year, in July and then again in November. Each visit is organized with much prayer before the Lord, seeking His will for Papua New Guinea (PNG).</p>

Writen by Willians and Kylie Alcala


Luau, Angola

<p>Warm greetings from Kaleigh and myself at the beginning of another year by God's grace. We have thoroughly enjoyed a much-needed rest over the past week and a half. The last several months have been an exceptional whirlwind of activity as we have been in the midst of building a home in the city of Luau, Angola to be a platform for our life and ministry here. It has been a lesson in building and logistics in Angola and a time of total dependence on the Lord for the strength and wisdom to carry on. The house is roughly finished, now just needing the finish work on the inside to make it a suitable and functional home. </p>

Writen by Joel & Kaleigh Griffin


Biula, Angola

<p> It is hard to believe that 2016 has come to an end. Are you "waiting for the Lord" as the verse at the top of this newsletter commands? These words of scripture have become very meaningful to us, and at this time of year, it is something to ponder as we look back on the birth of the Lord Jesus, "Emmanuel," God with us. We think of all the waiting that took place before He came. The Bible tells us that God's plan to send His Son into the world was conceived before the world was created.</p>

Writen by Samuel & Elizabeth Simonyi-Gindele


Veracruz, Mexico

<p>It is a privilege to write a few words on some of what God is accomplishing for His glory in Veracruz, Mexico, the beautiful Gulf State of over 8 million people. The largest city in Veracruz State is the port city of Veracruz and along with the metropolitan area would have a population close to a 1,000,000 people. In July 2009 an assembly was formed in this port city and since then God has preserved and added to the company of believers. </p>

Writen by John and Rebekah Nesbitt


Spanish work in North America.

<p>In general, I continue to try and make one visit per month to Mexico or a Spanish work in North America. In October, I had the privilege of visiting Guasave, Mexico, which is a growing assembly that began breaking bread in April. Shortly after I arrive home, I am to have a weekend of meetings in Iguala, Mexico, which is an assembly comprised of family members of the believers in West Phoenix. </p>

Writen by John and Michelle Dennison


MexicoChihuahua, Mexico

<p> In November, the Lord allowed us to have four weeks of gospel meetings in the hall in Valle de la Madrid, and we were very encouraged by the attendance of Edgar, Maribel, and Mr. Constantino, or "Mr. Tino" as he is known. They haven't yet professed faith in Christ, but we trust that the Word of God was sown in their hearts. Edgar used to attend the Bible class and currently works with brother Blas Rodriguez, who reminds him of his need to listen to the gospel. </p>

Writen by Gilberto y Alicia Torrens




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Summer 2016

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