The Lord's Work in Angola

Life here goes on, challenging as ever for the average Angolan. Food prices are sky high, medicines are in short supply, and the main road from the capital to Saurimo is utterly horrendous, and that is without the rains, so goods and supplies will be scarce when the rains start falling next month. We are just days away from the general election when many expect the main opposition party to win.

Writen by Brian & Debbie Howden


Assemblies in the Holy Land of ISRAEL Part 2

The demographics of Israel and Palestine are quite complex! Israel has a population of 9.5million, 74.3% of whom are Jewish and 21% Arab of Palestinian origin. The majority of the Arab population is Muslim, with only 2% Christian, from which only a small percentage are evangelical/protestant. The Palestinian Territories, which include the West Bank and Gaza, have an Arab population of 5.3 million, only 2% of whom are Christian (mostly traditional)

Writen by George and Rosamond Khalil


San Salvador, El Salvador

The past few years have been different times with Covid-19 and the restrictions not only put on gatherings but on the general public. We are thankful that all these restrictions have now been lifted. Even though there are no official restrictions, a lot of people are still very conscious and taking certain measures to stay healthy.

Writen by Kevin & Patricia Flett


Tirana, Albania

Writen by Enris and Sylvia Nase



Dolega is one of the 13 districts of the province of Chiriqui. It is a catholic town. Located between the two busiest places, Ciudad de David and Boquete, the people of Dolega work primarily in one of these places. We broke bread for the first time in December 2010.

Writen by Marcos and Sara Sequera



We returned to Venezuela in March from Mexico and began ministry and preaching of the Gospel around an area which is an hour and a half from Barquisimeto Edo. Lara, where we live. Then two weeks later, we moved to another place called La Independencia.

Writen by Omar and Maryeri de Lozada


Helping the Believers in CUBA

Since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the country has been under a difficult regime that has caused widespread poverty across the whole island, though going there on a nice vacation in a luxury hotel, you'd never see this. It's sad to see that as the local people suffer daily without food, medicine, electricity, and water,

Writen by Byrne & Lois Foreshew


Venezuela Relief Fund

The Venezuelan Relief Fund VRF activity continued concentrating on purchasing and shipping nonperishable food, over-the-counter medicine and clothing and toiletries, as well as providing much needed help in purchasing medications, medical support, and growing crops in the country and Nursing Homes Assistance.

Writen by Sidney Turkington


Reporting from Quebrada Amarilla, Costa Rica

We have been encouraged by the Lord's work throughout the past months, particularly with the children's work in the nearby neighbour- hood. We had told the kids we wanted to have a pizza day and encouraged them to invite their friends out to sing, hear God's Word and eat some pizza with us. The kids came through, and we had 36 out that day. It was the most we have had, resulting in a few new kids coming out regularly. We were thankful to have Mabel's parents visiting us at the time, as they were a great help with the activities and crowd control.

Writen by Johnny & Mabel Marin