Dominica, West Indies

The 2017 hurricane season was particularly severe with three powerful storms causing extensive damage and destruction through large areas of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, San Juan and some islands in the Caribbean and West Indies including Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Barbuda, and Dominica. The latter two islands were areas that, proportionately, seemed to suffer the highest degree of damage

Writen by Ken and Doris Taylor


Managua, NICARAGUA This Past Year

It was the Master himself who hand picked a very diverse group of men. His call was clear, "Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men" Would we have put Simon the Zealot together with Matthew the publican? Would we have selected Judas Iscariot together with a group of unlearned fishermen? We likely would not. He did. The discipleship began when they left their nets, walked away from the tax office, and crawled out from under that fig tree.

Writen by


Valle Hermoso, PANAMA

We continue with outreaches, mainly with children and youth. We still get a good number of adults in on Sunday evenings for the preaching of the gospel, but it's the younger ones that don't have years of religious confusion and baggage to sort through. Just a couple of weeks ago a teenage girl, whose mother is saved and baptized, told us that she is now sure she is saved. Those words bring much joy after years of preaching.

Writen by Byrnell and Lois Foreshew


Hermosillo, MEXICO

It is hard to believe that it was over 21 years ago that we arrived in Mexico to serve in some small way in this part of the Lord's vast vineyard. It will be seven years in December that we moved from the State of Nayarit to Hermosillo to labour alongside Eleonor Mosquera and Timothy and Stephanie Woodford.

Writen by Marcus and Alison Cain


Spanish West Phoenix & Other Places

As for our activities, in July, we were privileged to be part of a Seed Sower distribution of 76,000 texts and invites in Denver, Colorado. I had two weeks of Spanish gospel meetings at that time in the basement of the Denver Gospel Hall, and Marvin Derkson had two weeks in English upstairs.

Writen by John and Michelle Dennison


Zacatecas, MEXICO

As for the assembly in El Barril, we are encouraged how things are currently going although we long to see more people saved. As mentioned in previous letters there is a good number that currently attends and have knowledge of salvation, but not saved yet. We pray that even as we have a weekly gospel today that there will be souls saved. We would love to have a gospel series and have inquired with other workers about the possibility of helping, but it looks like it is going to be until February if the Lord be not come.

Writen by Jason & Shelley Wahls


ESL Classes Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

The work among the Spanish speaking community and the ESL classes in Brisbane continue well, for the Lord's glory. For the last nine years, we have helped with a regular Gospel meeting in the Spanish language, and we have seen many people under the sound of the Word of God through these years. Although some have professed to be saved and added to some assemblies, we keep praying for more fruit.

Writen by Willians and Kylie Alcala


Jude?ul Prahova, ROMANIA

It is exactly 25 years since the local assembly in Cheshunt commended us to the grace of God for work in Eastern Europe. We have been living and serving the Risen Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus, in Romania amongst the many local assemblies since May 1996. We are extremely grateful for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day [October 1992] until now. It is quite remarkable how our Sovereign God has helped, guided and protected us in a former Communist country and how He has wonderfully opened up for us different ministries amongst the many assemblies that gather to the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Writen by Paul and Sue William


Dar-Ed-Salaam, TANZANIA

Earlier this year I was in Dar-es-Salaam to attend the Easter conference. This is now completely organized by the believers in the Keko assembly and has become an established annual event. As in previous years, a carload of believers traveled two days from Lusaka to give their fellowship and support. Two of these men shared the ministry with me, one of them, Eversto Yamboto, gave some excellent teaching on Christian Marriage, applying African situations which the local believers could relate to.

Writen by Robert and Ruth Armstrong