Cuba Assistance

The COVID pandemic has not only affected us here in North America but has been even more difficult for countries like Cuba which rely so heavily on tourism. Brother Al Adams (son of the late David Adams) and some other brethren in the US decided last fall to look into the possibility of sending some aid to the Christians in Cuba. Sometimes, even having the funds has not meant they can purchase the things needed.

Writen by Ashley Milne Sr


Reporting from, Costa Rica

We hope the Lord has been blessing and keeping you through these interesting times. We have just returned from a trip to El Salvador, where we visited Mabel's family and helped out a bit in the work out there. It was good for Mabel to see her family again after over a year due to COVID.

Writen by Johnny & Mabel Marin



How thankful we are that we have a faithful, unchanging God controlling our lives. His wonderful Word gives us great stability in uncertain times. Covid 19 has brought difficulties, challenges and new opportunities using technology for Bible teaching and gospel outreach.

Writen by Paul and Sue Williams


Cauderales, Venezuela

"Cauderales" in Venezuela took place. It was a time that could be described as from heaven lived on earth. Moments of very happy fellowship and communion were experienced. Our Lord's presence and the visits by supporting brethren were enjoyed.

Writen by Omar and Maryeri Lozada


Tirana, Albania

The pandemic has gone on much longer than we anticipated. It has brought many challenges, but the Lord has been faithful throughout. In Albania, we are experiencing the second big wave of Covid-19 infections, and the death toll has reached almost 2000 since last March. As the government cannot offer financial assistance and political elections are approaching, it appears that we will not go into another lockdown despite the increasing number of cases.

Writen by Enri and Sylvia Nase


Botswana Update

We have many reasons to be thankful here in Botswana and also many reasons to remain prayerful. The following may give cause for both praise and intercession.In mid-March of last year, we had nightly gospel meetings in our own home in Tlokweng village, but on the 31 March, Botswana registered its first case of Covid-19 and life changed for us all. The strict lockdowns and curfews severely restricted our movements.

Writen by Dr. Clark and Hazel Logan



Here, the majority of the population are living hand to mouth one day at a time. Although the Government has been pushing the message 'Stay at Home, it is an impossibility for most people, as they would starve to death. So they have had no choice but to get on with life.

Writen by Brian & Debbie Howden


Lutsk, Ukraine

Three times God told Jeremiah, "Pray not thou for this people - for I do not hear thee" (Jer.7:16; 11:14; 14:11). The reason behind God's command was that He had decided to judge and punish His people (Jer. 7:20). They had repeatedly broken their covenant with Him by pursuing other gods. Jeremiah had a care and concern for the people, but God told him that, even if Moses and Samuel prayed, He would not hear them.

Writen by Timothy & Rhoda Sloan


Santiago, Mexico

In July, we drove up to Washington state, USA and are still here. We were planning only to be up here for two months, but with the border closures and different lockdowns implemented and continually changing both in the States and Mexico, we have not been able to drive back down yet.

Writen by Jesse and Emily Klein



Considering the limitations which COVID-19 has placed on us all. We are grateful to the Lord for the tremendous interest in Gospel literature in Malawi. After a long Covid related delay in customs, our literature container was finally released at the beginning of March, and brothers Harold and Goodson set about supplying our nearly 200 strong network or literature distributors with calendars and tracts.

Writen by Stephen and Gail Harper