Valle Hermoso - Panama

Sunday, March 8th was a beautiful Lords Day. The believers in Valle Hermoso had gathered again to remember the Lord. We were looking forward to a young lady's baptism after the Breaking of Bread, followed by a meal for everyone. We didn't know that this would be the last time the assembly would gather publicly to date. With words like lockdown and quarantine, the world is now a very different place.

Writen by Byrne & Lois Foreshew


Reporting from, Costa Rica

Many of you have been aware and praying for my grandma Kathleen Reid (my mom's side). She had been in the hospital for over a month, but thankfully is now at home again.

Writen by Johnny & Mabel Marin


Delta Amacuro, VENEZUELA

We are debtors to the grace of our God. It also strengthens our hands to know of still other saints who have been remembering us in prayer. What a privilege to belong to "this peculiar people" above all that are upon the earth.

Writen by William and Veronica Turkington


San Salvador, El SALVADOR

Every January, El Salvador has a Seed Sowers distribution and gospel meetings either in conjunction with an established assembly or a new area. This year we were in a new city in the eastern part of the country, Pasaquina. We are thankful for the good attendance with the children in the morning and the adults in the evenings.

Writen by Kevin and Patricia Flett



In recent days we were reminiscing about the changes we have noted in Palo Negro since first we arrived in 1968. To mention just a few: There were only two streets paved in the town. All the rest were gravel, which made it difficult to transit in the rainy season.

Writen by Uel and Rae Ussher


Pond Inlet, Nunavut Canada

As the seasons here in the Arctic can be harsh, they also lend a beauty that is seldom experienced in other geographical locations. The fall season has had some wind, and a fresh blanket of snow covers the land while the sea remains open. Soon the darkness will set in to not see the light for three months.

Writen by Steve and Heidi McCandless



It's with a sense of unmerited favour that we send this brief report, acknowledging the goodness of God as we continue in His service. 2020 commenced in the same manner that 2019 concluded, preaching nightly in the Gospel tent. We enjoyed back to back gospel series with the Assemblies in Nunawading and South Oakleigh, Melbourne. Bryan Stewart displayed his Bible Exhibition in the tent during the day, and each evening we preached the gospel.

Writen by Clive & Rachael Barber


From Angola To Canada

We are writing to you from Vancouver, Canada. The Lord opened the way for us to leave home in Angola at the end of June

Writen by Dr. Samuel & Elizabeth Simonyi-Gindele


Refuge Series- ZOOM

As I write this in October 2020, the pandemic has become a new 'normal' that we probably hope will soon pass. However, thinking back to the first few months of the year, we can recall what started as a problem in China with a few news articles showing up in North America. COVID became a rapidly evolving issue in our backyard here in North America, starting in the Northwest Pacific region of the USA

Writen by Caleb Simonyi-Gindele


Notice of Passing - Don Alirio Guerrero

Our brother Alirio passed into the presence of his Lord on September 26 as the result of contracting COVID. He was buried on Sunday the 27th.

Writen by Ashley Milne Sr.


Spanish Zoom and Youtube Meetings

We wish to begin with the passage from John 4:35, "Don't you say: There are still four months until the harvest comes? Behold, I say to you: lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest."

Writen by Omar Jr. Lozada