VENEZUELA Today, A Country in Crisis

I am sure that most will know of the political, social, and economical crisis that Venezuela is going through, which has worsened dramatically in the last year. We would ask you to continue praying for the protection of the Lord's people, and also for the provision of their daily needs, such as food, medicine and everyday basic items so needful for daily living.

Writen by Paul and Daphne Chapman


Camundambala, Angola

As we are about to commence a new chapter in our service for the Lord we cannot but help raise a song in our hearts as we recall His great faithfulness to us as a family in the 13 years we have been based in the UK, truly our testimony is, hitherto hath the Lord helped us. This gives us great confidence as we step out once again in faith to meet the challenges that await us in His service in Angola on a more permanent basis.

Writen by Brian & Debbie Howden


Lutsk, Ukraine

Since last we wrote in Horizons the Lord has blessed us in the assembly in Lutsk, Ukraine. We asked you to pray for certain believers and unbelievers, and the Lord has come in and saved, and a number have been baptized.

Writen by Timothy and Rhoda Sloan


The Lord's Work, Romania

Warmest greetings in our Saviour's Precious Name. Once again we write to thank you for your faithful prayer support and practical fellowship during the last 13 months. We have been encouraged and strengthened by your emails and letters as we serve in a society which is rapidly changing as we wait for His Son from heaven.

Writen by Paul and Sue Williams


Botswana, A Year of Jubilee

This has been a notable year for Botswana with the nation celebrating fifty years of independence. We have so much to be thankful for and apart from economic growth and development we have enjoyed a remarkable degree of peace and stability in a sometimes troubled region. This has meant that gospel work has continued relatively unhindered.

Writen by Dr. Clark & Hazel Logan


Lukulu, Zambia

We just recently arrived home to Lukulu after a couple of weeks out in the rural area of Western Province. Our first week out was a conference where folk from approximately nine different assemblies gathered for teaching on the Gospel of John.

Writen by Murray & Grace Poidevin


Chiriqui, Panama

It is a joy for us to know that this great God is our refuge and help. He has given us the joy of seeing some young people confess Christ as their Saviour. Three of them (between 15 and 17 years old) have more than two years attending Bible school at the assembly.

Writen by Marcos & Sara Sequera


A Return visit to Brazil

We have just returned from Brazil last Friday and still a bit jet-lagged after the journey which included four different planes and an early start from Bom Jesus in the forest at 3:30 am.

Writen by Harry & Jean Reid


Uberlandia, BRAZIL

We were commended from Ebenezer Hall, Burnbank, Hamilton, Scotland in 1975. Some will know that I suffer from primary progressive m.s. and I have constant pain. I am now only preaching at meetings locally but I am still working on various translation projects as time and energy permit.

Writen by Jim and Carmen Jardine


A Visit to Colombia

For a number of years, we have had the desire to visit Colombia, especially the Sincelejo area where we spent our first four months after being commended to the work in 1995.

Writen by Paul & Daphne Chapman


Managua, Nicaragua

On September the 7th, eight young men arrived in Nicaragua to help Mark & Brenda and Ally & me in intense gospel work throughout the city of Managua. It was almost a year of preparation before they arrived with invites being sent out to different exercised young men and their oversights.

Writen by Kyle and Ally Wilson




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Summer 2016

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