The Work of the Lord in Nicaragua

Assembly work in Nicaragua started just about 20 years ago, and we are very grateful for each of the 12 testimonies established during the years when it was known as the most peaceful country in Central America.

Writen by Tony and Danelle Flett


EditorialUpdate on Visits to Puerto Vallarta

In December of 2017, Omar Lozada (Venezuela) and I were invited to help the assembly in Coapinole, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This first visit, in 2017 lasted a month. The second visit a year later starting in October of 2018 also lasted for a month and Omar stayed on until July of 2019. Our brother Omar carried the bulk of the burden of the work during this period.

Writen by T. S. Ashley Milne


HermosilloSonora Mexico

It has been a busy Spring, but we have been most grateful to see evidence of God at work! In March, the assembly here hosted our annual Bible conference. Though the numbers were lower than in recent years, there were a number of visitors present.

Writen by Tim and Stephanie Woodford


Cancun, MEXICO

We recently finished two weeks of gospel meetings in the hall. The attendance was encouraging, and several came for the first time. David Cadenas and I shared in the preaching and the visiting. This is the second gospel series we have had this year, burdened primarily for the salvation of the husbands of the sisters here and for a group of teenagers who attend regularly.

Writen by Timothy and Amy Turkington


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO

"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers" Acts 2:42

Writen by Anderson and Mariu Hernandez



We have much to thank God for as we see the progress over the past three and a half years since we moved to Bahia. The small group of believers in Sao Cristovao have made steady progress in their willingness to submit to Holy Scripture and put into practice New Testament assembly principles.

Writen by Crawford and Heather Brown



Looking back over the past few months we are thankful for opportunities the Lord has granted us to labour for Him. Since August of last year, I have been going weekly on Sunday afternoons to a home in a place called Balata along with brother Patrick from the La Gare assembly.

Writen by Phil and Trena Gould


Prince Albert, SK CANADA

More than 50 years ago at Toronto Conference, Vern Markle spoke about the "Mission Field In Your Own Back Yard." I have forgotten most messages I have heard, but some of that one still sticks in my mind. As you know, they spent some years in Cuba, until Mr Castro kicked them out in the 60's. He then was in the Maritimes, but spent his last years in Toronto, working around Kensington Market, where Italian and Portuguese immigrants lived.

Writen by Steve and Merle Kember


Springdale, AR. U.S.A.

The beginning of a new year is always difficult, because you remember what you didn't complete the year before, at least that is how we feel.

Writen by Harry and Becky Rodriguez



When we arrived in Venezuela 24 years ago, we never for a moment thought that we would see the country in the condition that it is in today. Just as well we have the Scriptures, that give us the understanding and knowledge that the 'last days' are exactly as the Apostle described.

Writen by Paul and Daphne Chapman


Loloma, ZAMBIA

The weekly children and youth efforts continue with good attendance each week. We take a break during the school holidays but continue each term. The year-end prize-givings were well attended with a number of the children and all of the teenagers receiving Bibles.

Writen by Rebekah Flynn