Assembly Testimony in Cuba

The following is a brief history of the start of the work of Lord in Cuba together with the current status of the assembly testimony in this country.

Writen by T. S. Ashley Milne


Zambia At A Glance

Chitokoloki is a "Mission Station" where there exists a large, active busy Mission and Hospital that serves not only the people living in the immediate catchment area but also many others who travel from all areas of Zambia and even at times neighbouring countries, for medical assistance.

Writen by Submission


Kabompo, NWP, Zambia

We thank the Lord for the many opportunities in this country for gospel work. To further the preaching of the gospel, we have purchased four heavy-duty bicycles from the capital city, a reliable variety that we trust will be able to be used for many years.

Writen by Paul and Eunice Poidevin


Luau, Angola

Since returning to Luau in July, the Lord has certainly granted us help. The trip went smoothly, and we found everything in excellent order upon arriving. We were able to get our A/C unit installed, as well as an antenna that has made a noticeable improvement to our internet and cellular services in the house.

Writen by Joel and Kaleigh Griffin


Camundambala, ANGOLA

With so many things going on, it is easy to lose focus that the whole purpose of our presence in Angola is to preach the Gospel and teach the Scriptures. It's always good to start by recording how the Lord is at work locally.

Writen by Brian and Debbie Howden



Craig Saword, along with his sons Dan and Jeff, paid a long-awaited visit to Nicaragua at the end of October. I joined him in a week of gospel meetings in Managua, followed by Craig and Jeff preaching a few nights in Dolores. With Christians and unsaved coming from most of the outreaches in this area of the country, on the final night, there were over 200 in attendance.

Writen by Tony & Danelle Flett


Cancun, MEXICO

By the grace of God, an assembly was planted here in Cancun on Sunday, the 19th of January. The believers here gathered along with some visitors to break bread for the first time. It was a long-awaited and special moment in the Lord's work in this city.

Writen by Timothy and Amy Turkington


The work of the Lord in RUSSIA

Jesse Fitch of Council Bluffs commenced the work of the Lord in Russia, in which brethren from North America have been involved since 1991. As a result of an invitation, he visited Tobolsk in Siberia. Since then, some brethren from North America and the UK have been involved in the work in Russia.

Writen by Dave Richards